highspeed camera is a device used to capture moving images with exposures of less than 1/1,000 second or frame rates in excess of 250 frames per second. It is used for recording fast-moving objects as photographic images. These high speed cameras are used in various field like

  • Automotive Testing
  • Ballistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Media Arts
  • Scientific Research

Tech Source Solutions undertakes the product sales operations of IX-Cameras in India.

i-SPEED 7 Series
Designed for engineering and research, i-SPEED 7 cameras provide the perfect balance of ultra high resolution, with higher pixel density for accuracy and the ability to zoom in to magnify detail, with recording speeds that capture even the fastest transient events without any blur.

i-SPEED 7 Series Camera Models:

i-SPEED 5 Series:

Perfect Balance Between Speed, Size and Memory.

The i-SPEED 5 Series includes three new mid-range cameras from iX Cameras. Designed with value in mind, these cameras strike the perfect balance between speed, size, and memory. The proprietary sensor in the i-SPEED 5 Series cameras takes advantage of our next generation silicon technology, based on our acclaimed i-SPEED 7 series sensor. The 5 Series has plenty of power for laboratories, research and test range applications.