IES 1603 USB Sensor Streamer

Infinite recording of three sensor channels on any PC with USB.

  • Plug and Play USB-Device, no custom driver
  • Dimensions 80 x 80 x 25 mm³
  • View sensor signals online
  • Record sensor signals to ISO files
  • Long term registration and monitoring
  • Shunt feature

IES 2031 Incremental Sensor Interface

Converts the movement of an incremental sensor head (like IES 2024) or the rotation of a rotary sensor to an analog output voltage compatible with
common DAS.

  • Low supply current, DAS sensor supply sufficient
  • Shunt test and ID-Module supported


Converts the movement of a belt to an analog output voltage for car crash testing, characterization
of belt retractors and the characterization of seats.

  • Resolution 0.5 mm
  • Reliable optical reading.
  • Guaranteed velocity response 50 m/s
  • Special designed high contrast, very adhesive stickers.
  • All optical elements behind easily cleaneable window.
  • Low supply current, DAS sensor supply sufficient.
  • Shunt test and ID-Module supported.

IES 1311 T0 – Interface Box

Interface box for the T0 (time zero) infrastructure at test stands or crash and sled test facilities. Multiple boxes are wired together to form a so called T0 bus and every box
gives input and output access to the time zero event on the bus.

  • Small dimensions 96 x 64 x 36 mm³
  • Optical and acoustical signal for T0 event
  • Daisy chain wiring possible
  • BNC and Lemo connectors
  • Inputs and outputs are user configurable

IES 1472 ATD LaserLiner

PC controlled positioning aid for anthropomorphic crash test dummies.

  • Axis travel X=3000 mm, Z=2000 mm
  • Position reproducibility 0,5 mm
  • Bright, green, sharp laser lines
  • Position display and Excel import/export
  • Optional Y laser distance sensor

IES 3200 Rollover Horizon Display System

The modular Rollover Horizon Display System consists of one or more displays IES3202, a combined Tilt/Rate sensor IES3201 and a controller unit IES3205.
The system displays the angular position of the horizon during rollover tests and serves as an orientation aid for film analysis. Up to four event signals such as time
zero or activation times of restraints or contact signals from dummy interaction can
additionally be displayed. The angular rate signal and the online calculated
dynamical tilt signal are available as analog output for recording with a DAS.

IES 4720 3D-CamSplitter

Optical mirror device splits camera´s field of view in two halfs, effectively
giving two virtual cameras with fixed geometry, thus allowing 3D photogrammetry
with just one high speed camera. A variety of mount adaptors
for common HS cameras is available.

  • 3D-Photogrammetry with only ONE high speed camera.
  • Fixed geometry, no adjustment.