Soil Moisture Indicator

Soil  Moisture Indicator
Soil Moisture Indicator

Monitoring soil moisture levels is required for effective irrigation water management. Water is the most precious resource on our planet. Our Soil Moisture Indicator senses the moisture levels in the soil.

Irrigation water management requires timely application of the right amount of water. Competition for water, high pumping costs, and concerns for the environment are making good water management more important.

Measuring soil moisture, detects if there is a water shortage that can reduce yields or if there is excessive water application that can result in water logging or leaching of nitrates below the root zone. Measuring soil moisture also can build an awareness and knowledge of each irrigated field that is invaluable for planning and management.

 Soil moisture meter can be used for indoor and outdoor  to better know the condition of your plant through soil moiture monitoring.

Our Soil Moisture Indicator senses the moisture levels in the soil and other similar medium (like Cocopeat. vermi compost and others)

Who can buy Soil Moisture Indicator?

  • Farmers
  • Field staff
  • KVK’s
  • Sugar Mills
  • Agricultural Institute
  • Can be given away as a gifts at the agricultural events.

Directions for using the SMI

  1. Locate the place where you would like to check the soil moisture status
  2. Insert the SMI vertically depending on the root zone of the crop. Press the switch and HOLD till the LED light stops on a particular coloured LED depending on the moisture status.
  3. Refer to the table on the SMI for the status of the soil moisture depending on the LED colour from the point number 2.

Table for reading the soil moisture status on instrument:

Colour of LEDSoil Moisture StatusInference
BlueAmple MoistureNo Need for Irrigation
GreenSufficient MoistureImmediate Irrigation may not be advisiable.
OrangeLow MoistureIrrigation advisiable
RedVery Low MoistureImmediate Irrigation