Understanding the growing demand of clients requirement of digitization of the agricultural data. We have developed the Soil Moisture Indicator which connects through Bluetooth share the soil moisture status through an app along with GPS locations.

SMI with Bluetooth and GPS has been developed to Sugar Mills and other clients who have the ready application and data base of the farmers/field location. They need to access the soil moisture in the individual farmers fields.

There is an additional feature which can capture the farmers farm location by Latitude and Longitudinal points through the inbuilt GPS.

Features of the device is as follows:

  1. It can provide Date and Time stamp
  2. Device calibrate to provided Soil Moisture status in terms of Low, High and Saturation.
  3. Locate the area by GPS– Latitude and Longitudinal points.
  4. Powered by high capacity rechargeable Lithium Battery for longer working hours.
  5. Hard and sturdy Probe length of around 1 feet (30 cm)
  6. Handy, compact and sleek in design
  7. Bluetooth connectivity also possible through Third party apps available in Google play store.
  8. Rigid probes and heavy handle for the hard soil conditions.