Soil Moisture Indicator

Soil moisture Indicator  measures the volumetric water content in soil. It is used measure the rise and fall of the amount (or percentage) of water in the soil.  This is an ideal and Low cost agricultural tool for Farmers to keep plants/farms grow healthier. It helps farmers in irrigation scheduling and knowing the soil moisture status instantly (within 2-5 seconds).

Why you need Soil Moisture Indicator?

Monitoring soil moisture levels is required for effective irrigation management. Water is the most essential resource on our planet.

A plant cannot grow if it doesn’t have healthy roots, therefore the proper balance of water is vital when growing plants Overwatering will let the roots to growing in waterlogged soil which may die because they cannot absorb the oxygen needed to function normally. The dying roots decay and can’t supply the plants with nutrients and water. At the same time If there is not enough water for a plant, the nutrients it needs cannot travel through the plant.

Our Soil Moisture Indicator senses the moisture levels in the soil upto a depth of 30 cm (1 feet).  Soil moisture indicator gives moisture status within 2-3 sec.

Irrigation water management requires timely application of the right amount of water. Competition for water, high pumping costs, and concerns for the environment are making good water management more important.

Moisture in Soil can be tested by many ways like lab method, or tensiometers or with other moisture sensors. But the main advantage with Soil moisture indicator it very easy to use, gives instant results, any one can use.

Measuring soil moisture, detects if there is a water shortage that can reduce yields or if there is excessive water application that can result in water logging or leaching of nitrates below the root zone. Measuring soil moisture also can build an awareness and knowledge of each irrigated field that is invaluable for planning and management