SWAR- is the first of its kind sub surface plant and root zone measure of the moisture system needing only one third of water compared to drip. SWAR demonstrates transformative water saving in irrigation with rich plant growth and yield to fruit forming in drought prone areas.

Features of SWAR:

  • Sub-surface root zone delivery of water.
  • Uses 40% less water compared to drip with rich plant growth.
  • Slow release of water to serve as moisture directly at the root zone.
  • Moisture at plant root zone to foster biological organisms for soil plant health.
  • No weed growth or root diseases with SWAR as caused in excessive water condition systems.
  • Affordable and low cost as an add-on to govt. subsidized drip pipelines and low maintenance.
  • Shifts irrigation logic from “field capacity to wilting point” to calibrated measured moisture at root zone suiting the species, age, and soil types.
  • Easy to install by the user.

Advantages of SWAR:

  • No water evaporation loss with rising heat waves summer soil temperature of 65 degrees C.
  • Measured moisture is a rich ecosystem to foster soil microbe multiplication and soil health, harvests and stores rainwater and wide plant root food catchment area.
  • Only system wherein, in case of low water availability , farmer further rations water to ensure the survival of plants and trees in summer and save high-value farmer asset.

Awards and Accolades:

  • Niti-Aayog listed SWAR as “Best Practice” in water Management.
  • SWAR won Global Champion Innovation Award for highest water efficiency at the Paris International Agriculture Exposition and Innovation Prize awarded by securing Water for Food ” , USAID, Washington.